Effective, customer-oriented, pleasant and solid software development is what you can expect from Chirayil Infoteckh. I have worked with them on several projects and I have always been pleased beyond my expectations and I am not easily pleased. Their ability to take your words and convert them into a solution for you is remarkable. At the same time they are fair and completely above board in their business dealings. You can't go wrong with Chirayil."

Bud Cookson, Managing Partner
Ridgeline Management Artisans, USA
I was introduced to Chirayil Infoteckh by a friend of mine. I was pleasantly surprised to find the fair and very open dealings from an IT company. The best I found in them was their ability to understand the customer's requirements and then bring out a solution far higher than the clients expectation. They looked at us as a long term customer and our decade old relationship and our ongoing assignments with them is a tribute to the managements 17 years working in the USA with the best organizations. I will feel proud to recommend them to anyone who respects quality."

Pratap Nair
FEI Cargo Ltd., INDIA
We have used Chirayils' services over 4 years and find them as a reliable service provider who delivers what is promised. After trying out other Indian and Chinese development services we have concluded that Chirayil has been the most easiest to communicate with and to develop our own and our client's software solutions. We are happy with their work and will continue to work with them in the future for all our new development. "

Ari Backman
Management Consultant, USA
What a great find! A company who listens to my ideas and then converts them into the perfect solutions. Then to make it even better I get instantaneous support, and all at a great price. I cannot recommend "Chirayil Infoteckh" highly enough."

Noel O' Neill
Transcedental Meditation, IRELAND
After producing dozens of websites with other companies, I am astounded at the efficiency and quality of Chirayil's design, programming and customer service teams. My two most recent websites were completed within 7 working days, meeting what I thought were impossible deadlines. The design work on these sites was more advanced and creative than any I've seen, with the project also coming in below budget- an unbelievable combination. Chirayil's customer support has also responded to my requests quickly and accurately. I highly recommend Chirayil."

Holly Gordon
Prompt, efficient, reliable and extremely professional - these are the words that come to my mind about CHIRAYIL INFOTECKH! I have been extremely pleased with the quality of work provided during the website design as well as the diligent follow up and meticulous attention to details. The support team has been wonderful in clarifying my questions and promptly replying to all my emails."

Dr. Susan Vettichira MD
Florida Wellness Centre, USA
I have been thinking about providing a virtual platform for Indians living abroad to go to one place on the web and look for everything Indian all over the world, sharing the grandeur of India. GrandIndia.com was the realization of such a dream. Jolly, Babu and their extremely talented team at Chirayil Infoteckh gave form to my ideas and shape and life to my thoughts. I am delighted about their knowledge, dedication and willingness and above all accessibility to listen and work with me across the continents. I wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors!".

Joe Matthews, Managing Broker
Real Triangle Properties, USA
I started American Scientific Publishers in 2000 and our website was originally designed and developed by Chirayil (formerly Omega InfoTech). Chirayil provided me an excellent service. I am highly impressed with the very quick response from their customer service. It is unbelievable. Chirayil people are very friendly, supportive and would do their best to make their customers happy even if they have to do extra to have a personal touch."

Dr. H.S.Nalwa, President
American Scientific Publishers, USA