Brochure Design

Need a brochure to introduce yourself or introduce a new product, our creative team is composed of experts in the field. Our experience surpasses most of the advertisement agencies and design studios. We will design and print any size or any quantity at competitive prices.

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

In this stage, we will finalize the following items based on the discussions with you.

  • The objective of your brochure.
  • Who is your audience.
  • Choose the format for your brochure: Depending on your budget and based on your requirement we will decide the size, shape, format etc.
Based on initial communications during Step 1, we will provide you the proposal. Normally we will provide the proposal within 5 days.
Upon getting the confirmation and first part payment as per the proposal, we will develop the concept of your brochure. The concept will be based on the data collected from you. The visual aspect of your brochure involves your graphics and text. Next step is in creating an effective and simple headline. Even the simplest of headlines can be powerful and personal, touching the emotions of the reader. Next step is in filling the brochure with the content.
We will present you with a sample brochure. Normally we will present two different styles of brochures with similar content. Based on your feedback we will finalize one design. Then we will review text, image and design and will finalize the brochure with actual content. After your final review the brochure design is complete.
If need to print the brochures, we are sub contracting the work to our selected printers based on your budget. We will make sure that you get the best quality brochure from these printers.
These are only few samples of our work. Interested to see more samples please CONTACT US