ERMAide - HRMS is an affordable and easy to use Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for companies of any size.   Like any other HRMS, the biggest benefit to using our software is the amount of time that it saves when dealing with personnel issues.  Because of this, there is an overall reduction in operational cost.  The most valuable resource of any company is its Human Resources.  Your employees are very precious and managing them in the most efficient manner is the most important task of any company.   Following are some of the benefits of our HRMS Software.

  • Simplifies the HR process and is an effective way of reducing cost. One of the greatest benefits to using HR software to simplify the company’s HR processes is the reduced amount of time that it takes to do many routine tasks. Tracking an employee’s daily attendance or the amount of vacation hours accrued can take a large amount of time to do by hand documentation, especially if there are a large number of employees working at the company. By streamlining the process of entering this information into a computer database, the task may take half of the time previously allocated to completing the entries.
  • Effective distribution of tasks. Different individuals can be assigned to complete different tasks within the system, with each receiving notification when there is a new task to be completed. It is also easier for managers and business owners to check the accuracy of the completed tasks with the detailed reports generated by the HR software product
  • Improved records accuracy. Improved records accuracy is another often overlooked benefit to using HR software to deal with company and employee data.
  • Time Management. Using HR software to allow the employees to submit their own information has been found to greatly reduce the time needed by HR personnel and management to obtain, compile, and submit this information for all employees. By passing the responsibility for submitting their information onto the employee, the employee is more aware of what they have accomplished and is less prone to make mistakes in their information because they know exactly what they have done during the week. Allowing the employees to submit their own information to the HR department gives management more time to focus on other pressing issues and reduces the amount of time the HR department needs to spend on each employee’s record.
  • Managing Company benefit. Managing the company benefits for an entire company can be a daunting task that takes an enormous amount of time to complete without the benefit of HR software
  • Tracking the time and Attendance. Tracking the time and attendance of the employees working for the company can be a difficult task for any business. Careful records will need to be kept to ensure that all employees are being paid the correct amount on each paycheck and their earned or taken sick and vacation time is correctly logged
  • Obtaining employee feedback without spending much time and effort. Allowing the employees to provide feedback using HR software also allows the HR department to identify potential problem employees and managers before they can do something to harm the reputation of the company. Many companies allow employees to report serious violations of company policy, such as theft, harassment, or fraud, anonymously and most employees are more comfortable submitting the information via the HR software program than having to talk to the HR personnel in person. The HR department then can investigate the claims made by the employee for validity and take any actions that are needed to correct the situation. The ability to provide feedback to the HR department anonymously using HR software is very important to many employees that fear retribution or the loss of their job if they are known to disclose information that their immediate superiors may not want disclosed.
  • Managing the payroll without spending much time. Managing the payroll of an entire company can be a daunting task for any HR department. There are so many different pieces of information that need to be combined to complete the payroll of the company correctly and on time that many HR departments spend the majority of their time just taking care of payroll needs. Some companies have found that using HR software to manage their payroll offers numerous benefits to the company.
  • Attrition Analysis. Monitoring and recording attrition is very important for businesses. You can easily keep a record of people who leave your business but how easily does your HR software system allow you to work out attrition information so that you can spot trends and patterns that may be having a detrimental impact on your organization.
  • Online Recruitment. Using HR software for applicant tracking provides a way for managers to quickly see what the applicant’s strengths are and how much experience they have in the industry. Having detailed reports on the applicant’s qualifications for the position will also help the manager see how the applicant compares to other individuals that have applied for the position. In this way, the manager is able to focus more on the best candidates for the job without wasting time interviewing individuals that are not suitable for the position.
  • Streamline Employee Evaluation. Employee evaluations are a very important part of the promotion and downsizing process as it provides a detailed roadmap of the employee’s progress and responsibility when it comes to their job. Employee evaluations are also used to determine whether or not the employee gets a raise or bonus for the year and at what percentage. Managers that have employees that are not being productive or proactive for the company often use the results of multiple employee evaluations to bolster their argument for firing the individual. Using HR software to streamline the employee evaluation process also helps ensure that all employees are treated fairly.

Modules and Features

The following are the modules of ERMAide – HRMS and its unique features.

  • Employee can be created by the employee application, Online Recruitment Acceptance or an HR person adding the data.
  • All the information for an employee can be added on the same screen.
  • Ability to have Multiple Employee Grades
  • Ability for the employee to change company, department, designation, location etc based on a specified date
  • Ability to have multiple logins with different rights for any employee
  • Ability to define Family members of the employee for insurance and document management purpose
  • Ability to add document details for employee and family members and system alert on document expiry
  • Ability to have time delayed visibility for exit interview so that honest opinions can be made by departing employees.
  • Ability to set four sets of start and end times for each day for all seven days similar or independent. Ability to start in one day and end in another.
  • Ability to accept time and attendance information directly on the system from an employee, on the system by an HR person, from an excel file, from any file created by other Time Card Systems and directly from an IP based Biometric time card system.
  • Ability to define working days and hours for any year. Also the ability define official and non official exit reasons so that system can automatically approve absences.
  • Ability to get time reports for each employee based on status or date as well view all times for yesterday, today or staff absent at any instant of time.
  • Ability for application for approval of lateness or early leave
  • Ability to manually and automatically audit time data against leave and working time allocation
  • Ability to define custom leave types of accruing, free or quota type with criteria such as will it affect salary, can it be carried forward and can it be en-cashed etc.
  • Ability for employee to apply for leave as well as HR to add leave.
  • Leave application will only be accepted if there is enough leave available.
  • Ability to approve leave by a single person or a cascade of people.
  • Get reports of monthly leave taken as well as balance leave at any point
  • Get historic reports of leave applications and approvals
  • Ability to define how the salary will be paid under what label (ex. Basic, House Rent Allowance, Travelling Allowance etc.)
  • Ability to define each grade having pay scale as monthly, weekly, daily or productivity based and actual payment as weekly or monthly.
  • Ability to define Overtime base and rate for each grade
  • Ability to process the salary by one person and approval by single or cascading set of people.
  • Ability to make payments any way the company requires and the system will automatically allocate it to employee account correctly.
  • Ability to get printout for direct deposit to any bank and make single payment with system generated list.
  • Salary increment and bonus processing
Performance Review
  • International Standards based performance appraisal.
  • Up to 10 levels of rating
  • Each department can have its own unique capability for review.
  • Review of employee based on each capability and then overall
  • Ability to use prior year review as template for new one.
  • Ability for employee to make comments and manager to add additional comments as part of the process.
Peer Review
  • Ability to define any number of models for peer review each one comprising of three attributes.
  • Ability to define any employee group as the peer set who reviews each other facilitating even upward feed back
  • Completely anonymous feedback
  • Ability to numerically rate all peers as well a add comments about each
  • Ability for the management to screen inappropriate comments
Online Recruiting Portal
  • Online job portal with own unique URL such as jobs.your
  • Ability to add jobs to the portal with effective and expiry dates
  • Application Acceptance and Screening of resume online with instantaneous rejection or interview call.
  • One Button conversion of candidate to employee with all supporting data for the future
Employee Self Service Portal
  • All employees has online web portal with information specific to them so that communication becomes easy
  • Ability to punch in/out,
  • Ability to apply for time modification and apply for leave
  • Ability to view leave, salary and performance and peer review information
  • Ability to define different benefits other than salary and its value to the company so that each employees cost to the company can be calculated.
  • Ability to Manage Insurance, Provident Fund, Pension etc.

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