Multimedia Presentation

Do not restrict your company's image to a sentence or a photograph. Use all channels of communication like text, video and audio. Dazzle your potential clients with a full-fledged multimedia presentation.

CIPL Creates Fully Interactive Presentations which includes databases as well as full content of unlimited pages. Our Interactive Presentations combine aesthetically pleasing designs and user friendliness in finding information fast, to provide an image of a professional company to your clients. You can access all the screens from anywhere in the presentation interactively or you can sit back, relax and auto run the complete CD.

Our Presenation CD Introduces your company using a small 5 to 10 minute presentation using all media of communication. Corporate multimedia presentations ensure that your premier qualities also gets prime attention. The colorful animations, pictures with audio and visual effects fascinate the audience and trigger attention to a greater degree.

Chirayil also manufactures our Presenation CD on a business card size micro cd. Instead of a business card, hand out a visiting card size CD with an interactive presentation and your contact details.

These are only few samples of our work. Interested to see more samples please CONTACT US