why us

All our systems comes with the following without any additional cost

Software License
Irrespective of how many companies are going to use the software or the number of locations for each company or the number of employees, you need to purchase only a single license.
We will install the software in the server, configure it and set all the company specific information after discussions with you.

Lifetime warrantee on the software. That is as long as you use the software, if there is any software bugs, we will fix it free of charge.
Six Months software maintenance. This is not bug fixing of our software but fixing data errors during operation or support during changes to underlying software like OSs etc. Our definition of maintenance is as follows.
  • All issues will be investigated within 2 hours of reception of communication. If possible, all issues will be resolved within 24 hours.
  • All Maintenance of the software due to any issues from upgrading of OS, Environment or Database Engines
  • All Maintenance of the software due to incorrect data entry or incorrect management.
  • Online training as needed.
Turn Key Solution
We do not just deploy software and then let you start using it. We will set the software up as you need it. CIPL will customize our modules based on your need. We will port your current information into the system whether it is in paper or electronic. We will configure things so that you can continue your operations as normal without any disruption of the processes.
We train your staff as you require. We can do onsite training or online training depending on your need. We suggest the initial training to be onsite and subsequent ones be online.
We actively transfer knowledge to your staff.
One of the many reasons our customers enjoy working with us is our emphasis on creating true partnerships including working with your staff members in a practical, hands-on way and in a cooperative team atmosphere. We work very closely with our Clients. We work as part of your company so that the employees of your firm never feels inhibited to share their views.