ERMAide – Accounts

ERMAide-Accounts is the adjunct accounts module that works with our other ERP Modules like HRMS, Optik and Logistics. It provides the complete accounting package as any normal accounting software but works seamlessly with our Other Modules. Sell a Frame in Optik or Order a Lens or Make Salary payment in HRMS and you can view the monthly expense or income report in Accounts.

Our Accounting package works across countries and currencies. You can define any number of currencies and their conversion rate into the primary currency. You can view the balance sheet and Profit and Loss Accounts of your Abu Dhabi Store in UAE Dirham and you Indian Store in Indian Rupee and then see the complete company information in US Dollars if the primary currency is Dollar. The software also supports reconciling your accounts so that instantaneously you know which cheques have not cleared or which payments are due. And all this any time and any place.

This software will replace the need for a separate accounting package for your company and will make life much easier by integrating all your processes together

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