Consulting & Project Management

The cost of any IT project is doubled if your Project Mangement experience of IT is not sufficient. Managing of Information Technology, IT people and Projects are extremely skill oriented and only a person with both knowledge and experience can execute it successfully. Consulting has been the specialization of Chirayil since its inception. We do Technology Consulting and Project Management of Information Technology Projects for you. All the Consulting and Project Management at Chirayil is personally led by its Executive Director. He is a Chief Technology Officer with 10 years large US corporate experience and 18 years entrepreneurial experience building a midsize software development company in India. He has proven ability to conceptualize and implement leading edge software solutions for companies worldwide. He has unequaled ability to assimilate US, European and Middle Eastern client needs and get it implemented with quality in an offshore environment.


  • Excellent strategic planning skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Strong technical knowledge.
  • Strong managing skills.


  • Co-founded a company that currently employs 38 people with 28 engineers which had an average revenue growth of 43% over the last 18 years.
  • Project leader and lead architect for many of the network evolution activities of AT&T Business Communication Services, USA from 1992 through 1996
  • Chief Planner and Architect of AT&T BCS, USA Switched Network Evolution Plan.
  • Led teams of varying sizes of up to 150 engineers in multiple countries in defining and implementing new technology
  • Conceived and led the implementation of a 5ESS based Intelligent Network (IN) platform for the future and its evolution to country/application dependent features.

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