why Us

There  are many web design companies in the market today, so you might be asking yourself why should you choose to use Web Design By Chirayil? The answer is Results.  Your website should not only help you better communicate with your current clients and customers, but also help you get new ones.

Choosing a website design firm can seem difficult and overwhelming. Here's why we think you should choose us:

Proven Results
Why do most of our clients come back for additional services, new products, and rely on us as their source for their online marketing & success? Because our sites look great and deliver results for our clients. Additionally, we have incredible relationships with our clients. Truly, each client is a member of our extended family.
Industry Leader
Chirayil Infoteckh is an industry leader in web site creation and hosting since 1996. No other company has more experience and knowledge than the team here at Chirayil
Professional Design
Our websites reflect the level of professionalism our clients hold in their daily operations. Our designs are intended to impress & captivate your viewers, which is exactly what you'll receive when you choose us. Caring about you as a client is what separates us from the rest. Contact us today, and experience the difference.
Unparalleled Experience
We have designed and built more than 2,000 websites for professional companies and that experience is brought into each custom designed website we build. We know what exactly works in website design and what will deliver results.
Top Rankings
Our designers and developers ensure that your website will be primed for top rankings in search engines and do everything they can to get your site to the top of the search engines.
Exceptional Customer Service
At Chirayil, we remain constantly committed to being a client-focused and results-driven company. We always place our clients first and foremost and will do everything that we can to not only respond immediately to any questions or concerns, but proactively look for ways in which we can help.
Ongoing Website Maintenance
While you focus on your business, we relive you of the tedious job of maintaining your website. It relives you from having a dedicated webmaster of your own to manage your site. We will manage the site for you which are not even created by us. Our Website Maintenance comprises of the following work.

  • Adding new pages, making changes in the current pages or deleting existing pages
  • Regular audits and fixing the broken links if any
  • Posting photos and videos in the respective galleries
  • Keeping your blog updated with fresh content
  • Constant monitoring of the site

We normally will start all the work within 2 hours upon getting mail and will complete all work within 24 hours. We have three options for website maintenance.

  • For people who require sporadic support, we charge a fixed minimum charge for a 2 hour updation and a small amount for each additional hour
  • For people paying a certain minimum amount up front, we guarantee an hourly rate for an unlimited duration where the minimum time unit is one hour for each work.
  • We also provide unlimited maintenance for one year renewed annually.

Let's discuss your needs, goals, and budget. We will provide you the perfect website maintenance package for your company's website. Why wait? please CONTACT US and send us your requirement and we will be happy to do the job for you.