Logo Design

The Logo is the most important single representation of any company. It stands for your values and shows the world how good you are at a glance. Let our team of experts, translate your goals to visuals and then create a logo which will fit any medium.

Our Process

Designing an outstanding logo requires an equally great design process to ensure that the outcome is outstanding.

Requirement Analysis 
To design a great logo, normally we collect the following details from you.
  • What does the company currently do?
  • Where do you want your company to go in the future?
  • What is your vision for your company?
  • Who are the company’s typical customers?
  • Who are the company’s business competitors?
  • Does the company have any existing design style?
  • Any Color Preferences?
  • Do you already have a slogan/caption?
We will spend lot of time in understanding your company, goal mission etc.
Build the Design Concepts
We will assign this job to 4 different artists and we will collect different styles from our artists. For each logo design concept we  create, we ask ourself these questions:
  • Will this logo design work for my client?
  • Will this logo resonate with the client’s customers?
  • How does this logo represent the company's vision?
  • How will this logo looks across all the media like cards, brochures, video etc?
  • Is this unique in style?
  • Does this meet my customer’s requirement ? etc. etc.
Finally we will select six to eight samples and will present to you.
Feedback and Review
After getting your feedback, we will select one logo from these set.  If the client didn’t like any, we will recreate another set.   In most cases, you will like one from the first set with some minimal modification.   We will do the final touch up/polish work and will present to you again.  After getting the feedback we will finalize the logo.
Get a QUICK QUOTE as the first step in getting your own unique and powerful logo. Following are few samples of our work.

These are only few samples of our work. Interested to see more samples please CONTACT US